Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Earth Friendly "Green Decorating"

As the events of Earth Day are winding down, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on ways our interior design can become a part of the solution to this issue. Here are some ideas you may have already heard and hopefully some new ones.
When you purchase new draperies, spreads-anything with fabric- consider that the old fabrics can have a second life. They can be donated to a shelter for use by the needy. They can be given to school and theater art groups for use in scenes or costumes. They can be cut up and used as cleaning rags rather than paper towels and save some trees.
Bamboo floors are a beautiful alternative to wood floors and help save trees. The bamboo tree replenishes itself quickly and is a renewable source for use in our homes.
Look for low VOC paints that give off less gasses into the environment we breathe and live in.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Balance and Beauty


I have discussed balanced color schemes before in this newsletter. To refresh our memories, balance is achieved by using about 70% of your main color, 20% of a secondary color and 10% of an accent color. In this photo of my client’s living room, you can see the emphasis on the blue in the windows, the rug, the chairs and the blue and white lamps. The red bookcases are a perfect example of the use of an accent color. This is one of my favorite color schemes! Blue and white porcelain with red accents is a fresh and timeless color scheme. Picture a red tulip in a blue and white vase or throw pillows in blues and reds on a white sofa. Give these colors a try- you will love them!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Featured Design

I would like to share my first featured room design on the internationally acclaimed website Ava Living. Here designers and clients come together to seek and display their talents for potential clients around the world to see. I have more designs in the works for future photos and features. This is a great honor for me!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unique Wall Art

I Ihave been doing research for my client's master bedroom and bathroom in the Japanese minimalist style. I came across is very cool wall mural. It does not even look like a wall mural! See how it can be laid out differently on the wall. I love it.

I can think of many different places in the interior it can go.
It is from Wall Decor Shops.
Hope you like it! Call me with any questions.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Less is More

I know you have all heard that saying before. The work I did this past weekend really reinforced the truth of it to me.
I was doing some weekend cleaning and decluttering in my home. It was really nice to see the impact that paring down had on my interior design. My wonderful kitchen shelf that displayed my blue and white porcelain collection became more of a beautiful focal point when I limited the amount of the pieces I had on display. Removing half of my pieces allowed the beauty of the remaining pieces to really look great. "Lesser" quantity on the shelf became "more" of a design impact.
Pick an area of your home and try it out. You will see less is more.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Studying a New Interior Design Style

One of my clients that I have had a long relationship with has contacted me again to help with the interior decorating of her master bedroom. The style is an interesting one- Japanese minimalist. I have a general idea in my head of what my client would like and I am jumping off from there. I will be posting pics/styles/images of the work I do as this project goes along. This will be thinking outside of the box and hopefully some of the ideas I use will be of interest to you and your living space.