Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Mom's Cave"- What a Great Idea

This idea is just for us girls. The “mom cave” is the new decorating phenomenon for the women of the house as they stake a claim to a secluded and quiet space of their own. It is a wonderful idea not only for moms and wives- girls can create their own “girlfriend cave”. The macho looking “man cave” with its sport memorabilia and big screen television has inspired the creation of this very feminine space that offers solace and a place for rebuilding inner strength and regrouping.
The “mom cave” can be any size you can carve out in your home. A walk-in closet would make a wonderful cozy space that is budget friendly. Find a space away from the center of activity in your home if possible.Just get started and find a spot to call your own.
Decorating the “mom cave” and the “girlfriend cave” is a breeze. Always have the room measurements handy so when you see the perfect chaise, you will know if it is a perfect fit. Think about how you want the room to work for you. It could be a place to sit in a comfy chair and listen to your favorite music. Or if you would like to try your hand at different arts you will need to include a table surface.
Start by deciding what to use on the walls Be as colorful or neutral as your heart desires. After all, this space will be a reflection of you to be enjoyed by you. Do you like stripes, florals, or pastel colors? This is the place to put them. Then get furnishings and accessories new or from around the house that will work for your vision of the “mom cave.” The only rule for this space is that you feel happy and relaxed in your personal cocoon.
Now just sit back and enjoy your special area and never again be envious of the guys relaxing in their “man cave”. Besides, our special spaces are so much prettier!!
So many of you are crafty and like design. I would love to see some of the ideas you come up with for this! E mail photos to me at Linda@Creativelyyourscustom.com. Call me to help you get started on your special space. I have some great ideas for you.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Pull It All Together

How to Pull It All Together

Have you gotten to that place yet? I have been there more times than I care to admit. Every one of us will come to that place of not knowing how to pull our interior decorating together in our homes. We may have good design furnishings in our homes but completing the look and the flow of colors can be a challenge. I hear from many of my clients that they too are stuck and cannot bring their interior decorating together. But why does that happen? Are there some quick coordinating tips to help pull a look together? Oh yes, and I have lots of experience completing interior designs for my clients so they live happily ever after in their homes!
”Know your style.” Do you like traditional furnishings? Or is that too old fashioned for you and the latest up to date style is more you? What pieces do you already have that you love? Pay close attention to home décor items that you really like in magazines or in furniture stores. All of these things will lead you to discover your design style. Then you will have sufficient information to work on decorating your room. When you get stuck and cannot decide what else a room may need to complete it, let your newly discovered style sense guide your choices. It is a big help and keeps you on track.
“Analyze your colors.” Colors set a mood, create atmosphere and can totally influence the décor of a room. Whether your walls are painted with a lot of color or you have it in small doses with throw pillows, it is very important. Do you have a color scheme? Do you use your colors when considering the design elements of your room? You will not believe how much easier it is to decorate when you consider the colors involved.
Consider the accessories in your room. They need to coordinate and compliment the overall interior decoration of your room and are part of the whole picture.
“Acquire the power of observation.” There is another great tool I suggest to my clients and I encourage you to try it also. Sit in your room for awhile without any distractions and write down your design thoughts as they come into your mind. Train yourself to become observant of the room’s furnishings and how they make you feel. Calm? Happy? Warm? Disorganized? Doing this little exercise will tell you a lot about how you see your room presently and where you would like it to go in the future. That is a plan if there ever was one for coordinating a room’s décor.
Now you are ready to go forth and decorate. Have no fear- run with your ideas to create a successful design!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Colors Lead the Way in Senior Friendly Design

Americans are living longer these days thanks to modern medicine and healthier lifestyles. As a result of all this good stuff, the elder segment of our population is mushrooming and many new living issues have cropped up. Today’s focus is the role of color in design for empty nesters and seniors, whether they age in place at home or downsize to an age restricted community. Good senior design addresses furnishings for their safety as well as colors for their living environment.
The human eye undergoes major changes with age. Vision and color perception diminish over time. These changes can make everyday life quite challenging. A very important part of every senior design I do is to create a color scheme for elderly eyes that will improve their quality of life. The key to this is good use of color contrast in their living environment.
I always start with the walls and the doors since they are the biggest surfaces in a room. My recommendation is to use light colors for the wall in a matte finish. They increase light reflectance and do not cause annoying glare that can be hard on someone with cataracts. Furniture and fixtures show up easily if their colors are in contrast to a light wall color. In addition, when contrast colors are used on the baseboards and floors, it is easier to identify the edges of a room. Skillful use of contrast finishes can define a doorway and indicate the top and bottom steps of a flight of stairs. These painting ideas help make life easier for our aging population. One final word about paint- use low VOC paints to cut down on fumes which can affect the respiratory systems of some seniors. It is also eco-friendly.
I have some additional thoughts on color and pattern. Skip wallpaper patterns with large stripes. They tend to appear as bars in motion to senior eyes and can affect mobility. Wall coverings in small patterns are always winners. Be wary of using two intense colors side by side in the same room as their borders can appear unstable and jumpy. Limit the bright intense colors to grab bars, levers and light switches. It will make them easy to find.
Making the right interior design and color decisions can go a long way to a better life and comfortable living environment for our older citizens. Through my interior designs, I hope to impart a sense of safety, comfort and enjoyment for all seniors. They deserve the best in this new stage of living!