Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Persian Rug Inspired Design

I love the deep brick red and royal blues of the living room that led the way for the interior design color scheme of this living room. The 2 wing chairs were recovered in the brick red. The banding on the draperies and the throw pillows also got a dose of this color. In front of the drop leaf table, a floral arrangement of the color scheme was added and highlighted by the rich wood of the table.The deep blue was added only as the accent color on the pillows and in some of the accessories around the room. The result was a room of beautiful colors that meshed so nicely!

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Styles, Energy Efiiciency and Green Design Window Treatments

Would you believe that your window treatments can be stylish, contemporary, green and energy efficient? Well now it is possible to have it all for your home. Hunter Douglas has created the best of all worlds for your windows.
Natural Elements is their new collection of horizontal blinds that combine modern metal alloys with the warmth of real wood accents. Textured and shimmery finish slats give maximum view. Rich wood valances and keystones create a fashion statement. Materials used in these blinds are 95% recycled making them a green product. That is a winning combination of style and earth friendly materials.
Solar Energy Sensors for Hunter Douglas shades automatically raise or lower window shade treatments according to the changing sunlight to provide energy cost savings. They couldn’t be simpler to install- just stick them to the window where the shades are installed. Watch them go to work adjusting the shades to keep out the heat. Many of their shade products have a high R-value- an indicator of a product’s resistance to air flow passing through it from outside. A high R-value can stop much of the hot air from entering your home. Even the efficiency of low e-glass windows can be doubled with certain energy efficient shades. And the Federal Tax Credit applies to some of these products to boot. How can you lose? You just have to see them! Call me to arrange your personal energy saving design consultation and see all of the stylish, green and efficient products.