Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Design a Color Palette

Hi again,
Here I am about to do another whole home and our first task is to pick the color palette for the home. Not that all rooms will be the same but the flow will be established. Green will be a large part of it and that is good because green is the easiest color to work with and so many other colors are good complements for it. Pictures coming when they are ready!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Rainy, Stay Indoors Kind of Day

It has been rainy,chilly and cloudy here in Richmond, Virginia for the last couple of days. I have lots of time to catch up on my work and do some interior decorating kind of thinking and planning for the upcoming Christmas season. Here is my checklist: 1. Keeping readers up to date on the latest vintage holiday tree plans on Facebook-check! 2. Offering discounts on our holiday decorating service for your Christmas tree, mantel and windows- check again! 3. Postcard and online reminders of the sale- check,check! 4.Have some colorful and cheery red and green plaids and stripe fabrics to make into winter slipcovers for furniture and pillows- another big check!
And in the meanwhile, I will continue to come up with great ideas for you. Stay tuned.