Thursday, March 26, 2009

cool design idea for master bathroom

I had to stay up till 1 a.m. last night to find out how they worked veined mirror panels into a bathroom redesign. What they did was to replace the inset panels of the bathroom vanity cabinet doors with mirror panels and they did the same to the inset panels of the bathroom door. It was a nice bit of sparkle and class added to the bathroom. I used toothpicks to prop the eyelids open so I could hang in there to the end of the show and see the result. It was worth it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Really cool new wallpapers

I love to discover the new and unique in interior decorating to bring to my clients. I want them to have what you do not see in everyone else's home. Today's unique for you is in the category of wallpaper. You would not believe how much things have changed!
This is not your grandmother's striped floral wallpaper that you remember as a kid. Ralph Lauren's"Yacare Crocodile" in red creates beautiful textured walls for that special room in your home. I have seen it used in powder rooms and dens. Another good idea is on the backwall of bookcases.
Next blog will have another unique wallpaper I found for you. This is the best part of interior decorating, to work with the latest designs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creatively Yours Custom: Wall Word Designs

Creatively Yours Custom: Wall Word Designs

my continuing education

I am always taking the classes offered in interior design and business that are offered to me. There is always something to learn in each session. I have just finished 2 days worth of design and decorating seminars. One of the topics was on giving free teleseminars on design. I will soon be giving you information on how to get in on a free call on interior decorating. Pajamas and jeans are the dress code for this great idea from the comfort of your home. Stay tuned for more!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wall Word Designs

I have added Wall Words to my design business. It is cool graphics, quotes and designs fpr your walls, mirrors etc. I just finished my first home party order. I cannot wait to see the finished result from this one client of mine who ordered wall design to do one whole wall in her kitchen. The room is yellow and the wall will feature blue and white china, artwork with hydrangeas and Wall Words graphics in the blue of the china and with some vines, leaves and flowers of the blue and white dish design. Wow.
The photo shows my Wall Words display that is my spring board for possible designs for my clients. Everyone has family photos so I created one side with a photo display and wall graphics. The other side is to show some of the graphic art that is possible.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let Me Teach You About Interior Design for Your Home

If I have learned anthing in my 24+ years of interior decorating, it is that everyone is thirsting for knowledge on this topic. It was my mission to create a series of e-books on different aspects of interior decorating that are pertinent to a vast number of homeowners.Well,the mission is complete and available to all of you. The first is a free booklet about how to get started decorating for new homeowners with a special bonus report on questions you must ask before hiring an interior decorator.

Find out the best place to start. It is simpler than you think.
Advice on starting that all-important personal style folder and what it can do for you.
See how priority worksheets will give you a plan and help you get what you truly want in decorating your home. A FREE template is provided to get you started.
Budget savvy advice on do-it-yourself decorating vs. hiring an interior decorator.
FREE download here!
FREE download here!

There are many more topics to be covered. My next blog will talk about color and interior decorating. It is so important that I compiled it into an e-book.
Stay tuned