Thursday, September 30, 2010

Create a Fireplace Focal Point

I have just taken on a design project that includes creating a prominence for the fireplace to make it the center of the room. As the work progresses, I will be posting comments and photos for you to follow the transformation as it goes along.
I have always loved to see a fireplace show off its beauty and design in a room's overall decor. It does not have to be of the style or size like the one at Biltmore-you can drive your car right into that hearth! There are lots of small changes you can make to add to your fireplace. Photo here had framing, mirror and spotlight added to create its focus. Take a look.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Thinks This Stuff Up Anyway??

Every fall and spring I receive my assortment of new fabric books for draperies and upholstery. And with each new shipment, I sit and wonder where on earth they came up with the color choices they feature that always have crazy names. There is no genie sitting on a tasseled pillow dreaming up the future colors with fancy names for home design. The Pantone Color Institute is the global authority on colors and future trends in fashions. Their determinations are formulated as a result of much observation of nature and its beauty in the world as well as any influences that will impact our world in the future. Some of the factors that influence color direction include socioeconomic issues, technology, lifestyles and entertainment. The needs, moods, fantasies and aspirations of consumers are part of the emotional component of color.
So how about a heads up on some of the color trends they have identified? Three of their most popular color palettes are named Greenmarket, Gatherings and Galaxy. Let’s see if you can draw on these groupings to inspire you with color ideas for your home direct from the authority! You will be right on with colors. You can get more information from their website
Greenmarket color palette, as the name suggests, evolved from the inviting colors one would see at a roadside produce stand. Those products are an important part of our need to eat healthier and have a healthier lifestyle. They are the “produce colors” of Tomato Puree, Super Lemon, Apple Green, Chutney and Paprika. These Greenmarket colors are the hues that appeal to both the eyes and the taste buds. They are the beauty of nature and the need of consumers to live better.
The Gatherings palette is inspired by the continent of Africa with its vast open spaces and very unique regional artifacts and handicrafts. These are the colors of creative boldness and include Sand, Oasis, Lemon Curry and Copper Coin.
The Galaxy color collection is a reflection of the harmony of hues of the mysterious night sky. Earth colors in the backdrop of the night sky include Greener Pastures and Peridot. They sit contrasted against the violets, silvers and smoky blues of the sky. Turquoise and orchid enhance the sky while radiant golds capture the rays of the warmth and energy of the sun.
These three color palettes are a snapshot of life and the global atmosphere that we are all a part of in 2010. They are easy to identify with and create a strong level of comfort for us. Try them on for size and see for yourself!