Monday, March 29, 2010

Color Scheme Accents

You all know I am very big on sharing interior decorating ideas that everyone can use in their homes. Those are the best kind of of tips.One of my favorite tips is painting the backwalls of cabinets and shelves a bright pop of color that accents your color scheme. Here is my corner cabinet. The backwall has been painted a deep red. Before it was a dark stain and looked like I had a "black hole" in my family room. Now it has some bright attention getting color and my blue and white pieces really pop against it. Deep colors require a coat of primer before applying your color of choice. My cabinet took three coats of paint. I only needed a quart.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favorite Color Scheme

I have always loved the blue and white china with a deep red color. It is traditional with a fresh brightness to the combination that is very appealing.The attached photo is of the wall in my kitchen. It is painted red on the bottom half and there are pieces of wall art and china in the red, and blue/white on the top half. My husband made the wall mounted shelves above for displaying accessories. I will soon have a photo of my corner cabinet. I have repainted the back wall of the cabinet in the deep red. The pieces I use in the cabinet are all styles of blue/white. See it in next week's post.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Less is More--Really!!

Today I worked with a client on her family room design. She had two wood hutches with beautiful plates and dishes. There was way too many dishes on display at once and it was hard to see some of the really unique pieces on there. We started removing some of the excess pieces and put white placemats under other pieces to highlight them. I found she had a beautiful blue and white tea set there that was lost in the clutter. Now it is the central highlight of the hutch. Lesson here- having "less" pieces on the hutch made the others that were left "more" noticeable.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Decorating goes Green

We have a strong commitment to the environment. It is a work in progress. One of our newest fabric collections “Footprints” contains certified organic cottons that were fabricated leaving a minimal effect on the environment. It is a great assortment and very environmentally conscious.
Give a 2nd life to your home decor items. Spray paint a light fixture with some of the new modern finishes instead of throwing it out. Accent tables that have seen better days can be repainted in a new color. How about some new knobs? Add some decorative trim wood to have a fancy new look. Be adventuresome and not afraid. You were going to get rid of it anyway, so try some different ways to update it.It is a whole new life for your furniture.