Friday, May 22, 2009

Give "Green" A Chance

There are a lot of budget friendly and earth friendly things you can do in your everyday life. Here are a few thoughts to get you started:
♥Use low – VOC paints. They give off considerably less fumes and are less toxic to the environment.Think of it as making a better choice and not sacrificing a thing!
♥Whenever possible, opt for quality furniture. It will last longer and not make its way to the landfill. Plus it can gain new life through refinishing.
♥Be a creative recycler. Rescue beautiful pieces from your attic or a thrift store. Give them a
makeover and a place of honor in your home.
♥Long before air conditioning, we all knew that tall ceilings, porches, and trees helped keep us cool in the summer. If you are building or remodeling consider these alternatives to cut down on air conditioning costs.
♥Green living is about making smart, healthy, long term decisions. Purchase only natural materials, choose energy-efficient options when buying everything from appliances to lightbulbs.
♥Resist the urge to bring home cheap disposable stuff. Remember that everything that you throw away will last a lifetime in the landfill.

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