Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Is "In"

Here at Creatively Yours Custom, we firmly believe in green decorating to help our planet and environment. It is not about a green color choice rather it has to do with using eco-friendly products in design. To introduce this practice let’s start with a few simple choices we all can make.
♣Purchase organic cotton bath towels available at most major stores. Cotton is a renewable source and when grown organically, uses no chemicals. You help preserve the soil and get a really soft towel. Cottonis also biodegradable.
♣Bamboo makes a wonderful wood floor. It is a renewable resource and does not use formaldehyde or give off toxic odors in your home. You’ll all breathe better!
♣We all have old draperies, bedspreads, etc. sitting around the house waiting to go to the landfill. You could donate them to shelters, Humane Societies, veterinary clinics to name a few. Think reusable not disposable.

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