Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interior Decorating for Everyone in America

You know the saying " a pot in every home..." ? Well my saying is "interior decorating for every home and window in America"! We all go to the store and get curtains, bedding, knick knacks etc. to adorn our abodes in our favorite styles and colors. The intention is very good-BUT- many times the final result is almost there but not quite! The window treatments could have been hung differently for a great look, the artwork is great but too small for the wall etc- you get the idea.
It is my goal to help every American residence achieve beautiful home decor be it custom or ready made. It can be done and the results are great.
That was the purpose of my e-book "Window Treatments-Ready Made -How to measure, fit and buy them" and is available from my website for $7.99.

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