Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Few Ideas for the Master Bedroom

This bedroom I designed for my busy professional clients has some good tips everyone can use to create a retreat from the hectic lifestyles we all have.
Notice the wall color. That is the biggest use of color in any room. Shades of turquoise were used that are very tranquil and peaceful. That is how we started. The fabric is an understated stripe-nothing busy or too active-great for a bedroom where you want to relax. There was no bedskirt used to keep the look very clean and straight lined. But we did go all out with lots of soft decorative pillows. That is in keeping with the simple luxury of the bedroom. The lamps allow for nighttime reading in bed that is easy on the eyes because they are at a good height.
The result is a retreat from the world! What can you apply to your master bedroom?

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