Thursday, August 26, 2010



In these belt-tightening days, I want to do my part to help with economical decorating tips you will love.

5 No Cost Decorating Changes You Can Make Now:
Play with moving your furniture into different rooms in your home. Move your accessories around from room to room. You will be surprised at how well that works. Your furnishings will have a whole new life.
Get out one of your pretty dishes and put it in your guest powder room to hold fancy soaps and tissues. They will feel so special.
Wrap and knot a decorative scarf around a throw pillow for a decorative look on your sofa. Do not be afraid of pattern and color for the pillows, they are small dashes of accent color.
How about folding up your bedspread and putting it away for awhile? There are many fancy trimmed top sheets that you can use in its place. It will be a breath of fresh air for your bedroom.
Stack a couple of large hardcover books under your table lamps. It is very chic and increases the light and brightness in your rooms.

5 Low Cost Decorating Changes:
Buy a can of paint. It is more of a labor cost than a monetary one. Choose to do one wall or whole room, either way it makes an impact. Maybe you can start with your powder room.
Purchase new bathroom fixtures – towel bar, robe hook, toilet tissue holder, etc. They are available at local home improvement centers and in most cases are easily installed. I love the variety of finishes and styles!
A can of spray paint is an inexpensive way update your picture frames. There are metallic and stone finishes available to help you create high fashion d├ęcor. This works on mirror frames too.
Buy new lampshades for your existing lamps. Experiment with new shapes, colors and trimmings for a fresher look. Don’t forget your chandelier shades also. Banding and tassels add decorative touches and make your lampshades very unique.
Colorful decorative throw rugs can make nice room decorating changes. Use some different weaves and brighter tones. Put them in the kitchen, bathroom and under the coffee table.
There you have it. It is possible to do some decorating on the cheap with good results. I hope it has given you some inspiration for your home. Get to it!

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