Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Color Focus- For Today and 2012

The gurus of the home fashion world are now enlightening us with their fresh color combinations for the coming year. The hues that they forecast will be showing up in home stores all across the country. This year the movement in color is based on all things of nature that inhabit the Earth. We realize the need to sustain Mother Earth for generations to come. These new color schemes draw deeply on the many hues we see right outside our windows.
Neutrals will become warmer- just as if the sun were shining on this color palette. They will reflect the golden tint of a sunny day and will include everything from the color of a wheat field blowing in the breeze to a piece of driftwood found on the beach.
The shades of red and orange are going to show marvelous variations. Think of a ripe red apple. If you look closely at it, you will see more than one color in the peel. Expect to see these natural color variations for this category.
Blues for 2012 reflects the color of water as the world works to preserve this valuable natural resource. Stand on the shoreline and observe the variation of the colors in the water. This group contains the colors of ocean currents and rushing waves. Look also for faded blue to make a statement in fabrics and d├ęcor. Take a trip to an aquarium and become inspired for colors.
Lastly, greens are and will always be the color of nature. The movement for sustainability of the earth –“going green”- takes its name from this color. The beautiful greens in the unspoiled places on earth- deep in the forest and in the undersea world- will dominate this coming year. Green is one of my favorite colors as every color of flower has a green stem and leaves.
This is the year for you to take your cue from nature and look outside your window for inspiration. Mother Nature still reigns as the best color consultant around.

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