Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is It Real Or Faux?

Faux is a fancy French word for "false".It refers to a manufacturing process that creates items to closely resemble the genuine article. Faux has been a buzz word in interior décor for a long time. It offers clients a variety of price points for their home’s interior design, it preserves our natural resources,and it opens up a world of design possibilities. Besides, who wants to tell their friends about the fabulous “false” interior décor items in their home?
Everyone is familiar with faux wood blinds. They provide great coverage on the window and the slats are pretty impressive for a fake. The same faux wood can be used in shutters. Also,there are some really good faux fabrics out there that are durable, eco-friendly and a good value. Faux silk has the same luster and slub as real silk. Faux suedes and leathers offer an excellent combination of color, value pricing and are easy to care for.
One of my favorite faux products is the perfect answer to one of my least favorite design issues – the windowless room. I always feel like the walls are closing in and that the room lacks the brightness afforded by light pouring in a window. The solution is another faux. It is a wall mural that can be a fake window with a scene of beaches and forests out the window. It is applied to the wall like wallpaper. There are images of French doors open to the outside view of a beach with the ocean beckoning beyond. The effect on the room is dramatic. It visually pushes the walls out and opens up the room to the horizons of the mural. You just have to see the effect this has on a room for yourself. Rooms increase in size without any remodeling! I have one client who took this design style one step further. We put an octagon window mural in their windowless guest bathroom. My client then went out and got some window moldings to frame in the window mural. What a great idea. Not only did the window mural open up the room but then when it was framed in, it gained dimension. I guess you could say it was a blend of faux and real.

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